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tv   [untitled]    October 20, 2012 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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finding and fake taliban in libya dozens of civilians reportedly killed and injured in clashes as pro-government militia palms a gadhafi loyalist town for over two weeks. the assault comes exactly a year since nato bombed the former regime from office promising freedom and democracy to libyan people. the russian company and us now just one step closer to becoming the world's leading oil producer as the board of b.p. reportedly greenlights one of the biggest ever energy deals. and a car blast in lebanon's capital kills eight people including a top security official violent protests are robbed across the country and
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politicians say the syrian conflict is spilling over the border. thank you for joining our team where we are on screen and online twenty four hours a day seven days a week i'm kara terror while an artillery barrage and multiple killings that's what the residents of libya's bani walid are still witnessing twelve months on from the nato back for a bold which toppled the country's regime you might find some of the following images disturbing the besieged town traditionally loyal to the ousted moammar gadhafi has been the target of attacks by pro-government militia over a dozen people including children have reportedly been killed there in the last three days the city is also suffering from shortages of food water and medicine archie's going to. can now reports bani walid isn't the only thing jim of libya's
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new leaders. a year after the killing of warmer khadafi not only has the new government of libya immediately illegal to criticize the february revolution of last year but a group of militias affiliated with the country's defense ministry is the shelling parts of the country which are considered khadafi strongholds that bombing it from the air and rockets because then you would need was one of the towns which stood against the intervention of the outside world in bani walid local media report that the strikes have killed around a dozen people including children but apparently the people of bani walid are not the only ones persecuted by various militia groups in libya we saw the total wiping out of the thirty thousand strong town to want to go many are black libyans which the misrata brigades which are also laying siege to bani walid call themselves the brigades for the black scheme it's such is that wonderful humanitarian and freedom loving. and discourse that they wiped out the town they've been chasing the people
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toward the civil war has left libya shredded in pieces with radical islamists taking advantage of the chaos basically what's happening is that in different cities here we pointed out the main ones tripoli is in town misrata each of them has their own army of militias there loosely united as the so-called libyan national shield at the same time they're not really under the control of the new defense ministry they're basically on their own according to various reports most of them are even suspicious of the new government in tripoli on top of that division we also have one hundred forty tribes in the country one hundred forty tribes many of them have long running grievances against each other and they're located very close to each other for example the town of bani walid that we mentioned in the report is not even two hours away from misrata so amid all the food and lawlessness people in those places no anything can have. until last year
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coalition forces armed to the teeth in order to oust moammar gadhafi today the country was flooded with weapons of all kinds and this they made twenty million weapons are still freely circulating in libya that's in a country of six million people it's roughly three guns per person today there are multiple assassinations around benghazi different parts of libya where people are settling scores of all sorts of stripes it's chaotic forces in libya well those are the weapons of the most they have the agencies not to be just as eager to have tribal or that indeed politics despite the ongoing atrocities and chaos up until this september washington had the revolution in libya check is a foreign policy victory for president obama after all the u.s. provided most of the foreign power which led to the capture and the killing of the legal leaders. yes we came we saw he died.
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but only after the tragic attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and the murder of the american ambassador did leave you come back into the spotlight it raises the question for the administration why didn't you see this coming if there was intelligence about the growing presence of al qaeda in eastern libya we have an election coming up and no one wants to take blame for messing up the arab spring president obama's most recent remarks suggested that his administration is not finished in libya we are going to find out who did this and we're going to hunt them down because one of the things that i've said throughout my presidency is when folks mess with americans we go after them the obama administration has received congressional approval to allocate money for a special unit reportedly of some five hundred people who will allegedly be training counterterrorism forces in libya also there are anonymous reports that the cia is asking for more drones specifically for libya none of this sounds new drone strikes training forces in foreign. nations but past experience has shown when the
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u.s. goes about cleaning up the mess it often gets even messier in washington i'm going to check on political analyst dr ibrahim aleutian says libya is being deliberately pushed into chaos as a gateway open for a heavy influx of extremists the involvement of western countries was the source of trouble for libya as a whole we have seen the state has become this mantle as happened in iraq and somalia whatever the nato has walked or u.s. troops of walked and in fact there is not all of law and libya brought. into libya and now into syria again it's the same was turned involvement with the support of both through dollars from qatar and saudi arabia that is handing the country over to a group of fun out there criminals who are hell bent on on blood torture slipping
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throats and what have you bringing the country a buck and to medieval darkness so. we have seen very clearly what these people are aiming to do they want to punish when they will leave for its stance against the invasion of libya by nato this is a form of collective punishment against the whole population for standing up for the end of pendants and the sovereignty of their country and the violence and post revolt libya is being accurate in brain trust has called for the help of the international community hoping it could pressure the monarchy towards change but some experts think western self interest will ignore the will of the people. the peace board of directors is reportedly set to confirm the sale of its shares to the joint venture t n k b p two the russian all giant i snatched it would make our staff the world's biggest oil producer if the deal went through more on that from our peter. alfre. well it's a deal it's been
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a long time in the coming and it would seem according to the front page of russian newspaper comments on saturday that it has been done now that deal will see role sniffed the buyouts b.p.'s fifty percent share of the company t n k b p just how much that's going to cost though well initially b.p. had said they wanted twenty eight billion dollars for their fifty percent share it seems that they've come to an agreement somewhere around the market seventeen billion dollars in cash and thirteen percent of gross nest stock now this is all part of process plan to try and take over all of t.n. k b p they're currently indication with b.p.'s russian partners a all to buy out the other half of the company if they can do the us then we also have to become the largest publicly traded oil company in the world but this well no reward without risk and the risk what role sniffed is taking in buying out ten k. b.p. is that they will and could debts of upwards of sixty billion dollars to put that
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in a little context that says as much as some european nations have in debt nationally . so it's an awful lot of money there a lot of money in debt that they'll be taking on they'll be hoping that the oil price remains high so that they can get a good solid return on their investment in terms of b.p. and what that means to them here in russia it's certainly not the end for them they just they didn't want to be out of russia they just wanted an end to their partnership in t a k b p what they really want is to do business with rolls left and to get a slice of roles they have to be tension lucrative oil exploration rights for the arctic so this is all going to continue on for a little bit longer and deals will be done between roles they have to be bob's in the future but when we get confirmation that this is certainly going through a bring it all here i'll take massive crowds gather and london as british prime minister david cameron returns home from the e.u. summit but they are unlikely to be cheering him on we bring you more on the u.k.'s autumn of discontent later in the program plus. i mean it may romney were in the
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movie in canada. at that them that as election day draws near americans prepare for all possible outcomes even a rake delectation artie's new york president asked the people of the big apple what they would do if their vote was stolen. a top lebanese opposition group is demanding the resignation of the country's prime minister saying he's personally responsible for a massive car bombing in the capital beirut eight people including a top security official died in the blast which devastated a christian neighborhood in the city top politicians were quick to put the blame on the syrian regime as the killed official was seen as a hard line phone and of president assad sunni muslims across the country were infuriated with the ass assassination their protests turned violent with reported gunfire in several cities and roads blocked by burning tires and beirut based expert on the middle east says the accusations against syria are dictated by
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politics. already we have the now the political element coming into play some elements of the march fourteenth movement which is known to be anti bush. even before it was known to who was killed in this explosion they quickly point the finger at the syrian government now we saw a house on the head of intelligence security who apparently has a main killed more targeted that is known to be actually a roadblock for team is known not to be one of the supporters not to be very very likable person of the syrian government so i think now this would only lead to more and more bring this problem on fourteen i mean from their west and how is it being pointed at syria the question which must be raised in all of these cases is a who benefits from such an act i think you know if the syrian government does go ahead although we don't have any information but if it does go ahead with acts i think it's only in the during itself in committing suicide it is is the syrian government as such is that as to what sort of
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a government all i myself don't see so. coming up for you later in the program playing a dangerous game plans to manage open fire at the footballers of a top russian team fortunately only using paintball guns and drop leaflets making sinister threats that's in just a few minutes to stay with our team. homeland security now has robot tunas seriously robot fish the drones in the sky spying on you just weren't good enough effect they've revealed that they're going to be using robotic hummingbird soon who how cute these things can only see you though above the water now during the one percent or less of your life that you spend swimming homeland security will be keeping you safe since nine eleven we've heard ad nauseum
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that we need to be kept safe so americans have given up their rights but if things got that much safer honestly has any of the stuff ushered in some sort of peaceful utopia no it hasn't the best terrorism prevention would be to not bomb secular regimes in other countries like libya so that some fanatical wackos come the power that would help way more than robotic spy fish i hear a lot of people talk about personal responsibility a lot of speeches and yes personal responsibility is a key component of the american way slip people provide for their own defense what is going to protect you more a shotgun under the bed or terminator two so homeland security can of tuna right but i just might be. to build a new. mission
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to teach. only. nation of three. going to take three construction jobs three. major and three. three. three. three volunteers video for your media project a free media to r.t. dot com. for the latest news from around the world as our team and i'm tearing town crowds are gathering in london for massive protest action as a demonstration against the austerity policies and posed by the coalition government gets underway organizers are expecting hundreds of thousands to attend
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from all corners of the country rallies are also being held in belfast and glasgow marquardt felt from the education activist network says the public is disillusioned with the policies of the main political parties both three party the liberal democrats labor party and the conservatives are pretty going to london stock exchange and you know and i'm going to stand in the open with the market drive for political alternative and not political alternative being here today on this and that is why i like our style unity groups and trade unions to be at the forefront and depending the welfare state i don't think we are also putting it different on some go on to the political scene the contribution that we are aiming for today is the kind of future that ultimately feaking thought and i would say the parliament more kristie real democracy for all the kind of democracy the crimean people control how things go wrong in their community propping around their neighbor i'm
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not old make me because they did you millionaires in cabinet down in west. and today's cause a report brings you some insight into the life of the one percent and the simple pleasures of life in tax havens here's a preview of what's coming up on thirteen thirty g.m.t. . we were talking about that moved around washington d.c. filled with chocolate oh i think swiss chocolate and my beautiful showing up in the mountains. with nothing but genetically modified and there cow bells ringing home the harvest of the laundered money for the mexican drug cartels join me up in the mountains stacey we're all sitting together like lady and other is the sound of music is beautiful all.
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three masked men have used paintball guns to open fire at footballers from the russian premier league sign. during a training session now one was badly injured but the incident calls for a star among russian fans and players are seasoned performer has the details. dinara as a club have issued a statement that says that these were the actions of idiots that unama fans have nothing in common with those that were involved but it is important also to stress that this has happened just a month through an extraordinary episode that happened at the training ground just as i say four weeks ago and then the club did allow some supporters to address the place and issue violent traits in the hope it would improve performances and results the whole thing was recorded and put on you tube which we translated for you. now listen now you guys i'm warning you if you keep screwing up like this we'll show you some different treatment if we catch any of you in a nightclub enjoying yourselves the way garani and
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a boa sported doing doing all of you hang out all the time will be out of you right there on the sports the minute so i mean once you've heard that you perhaps can understand why they denominate feel disadvantaged in this image which would come out today in state at some of the plays are feeling frightened what's more the union for russian players and coaches says it believes the number i stick up is actually encourage fans of getting the signal to the fans that it is ok to shoot threats to the players in addition to that the instant that to pay some friday leaflets were also left at the ground showing the faces of poor in our midst foreign plays and alongside their faces were the words we do not want to charity with the ladies anymore it would be noble warnings to get rid of them so you can say sounds very intimidating stuff on the general point you could argue that perhaps the foreign plays were show high like together because they are amongst the highest in this big club the number of fans that how well off are straight to the
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moment because it is it same with great history in russia but it has lost but it has only won three of the last nine games the russian finally even if they stick their blocking in the table the risk is so much that is what happened as we say over the last twenty four hours but also that. i mean on the back of the series since it into reach broader against you but you call it it took place but they're training ground glass much. all right other news now from across the globe the family of former cuban leader fidel castro has denied rumors he suffered a massive stroke friday saw several reports citing event as well and doctors saying that castro is in a vegetative state and has weeks to live. in magic though has made claims before which later proved to be false saying in april heaven as well as hugo chavez was days away from death. a ship carrying humanitarian aid and activists to gaza has been attacked and stopped by israeli forces those on board say masked
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soldiers boarded the vessel and are searching at israeli authorities say they won't allow the ship to come closer than twelve nautical miles to gaza shorts this isn't the first attempt to breach israel's naval blockade of gaza back in two thousand and ten the so-called freedom flotilla it was attacked by israeli forces killing now i actually saw activists. people in bahrain continue to pack the streets of the capital manama day after day as they demand political reform on thursday the rally solve violent scenes as a policeman was killed in a bomb blasts the regimes accused of gagging voices critical to the ruling family and the latest incident anti-monarchy tweets saw four men arrested and charged with di from a shop regular protests in bahrain have been going on for more than a year and a half. from the country's largest opposition party says western nations turn a blind eye to the kingdom to protect their interests. were not.
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being taken against hitler and. michigan community assault. want anyone calling for going to initiate a community to be. killed over the growing go to jeanne what do you want. talking about the currency will you modify send more closely to stand with us we see this on the statement game of course he is very important plus on this front and didn't international bloodiest but unfortunately when it comes to g.c.'s the who have done countries this is ok because that's why we've been victims of this stuff that you. can see about son in law it's. the u.s. election campaign is a in its final phases the two main candidates battle to win over floating voters but there is expected to be close our resident asks new yorkers if they have any fears that the fairness of the vote could come from.
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electronic voting machines owned by a company with strong republican ties are set to count the vote in ohio which very well could determine the outcome of the two thousand and twelve us presidential election so is there a chance that mitt romney could steal this election this week let's talk about that do you think it's possible that mitt romney could steal the election i think it's very possible i think it's close and it's going to come down to the last minute so it's going to be something a little like that that could sway it which is unfortunate yeah and a lot of people don't even know about it they just think oh well he won so that but yeah what do you do about it want to make sure you go vote for brock. and tweet about her right now it's very much the people on the street they talk about what i mean if mitt romney wins i'm moving to canada. is that them that simple one of my ficus houses one day they'd be a third party would win the election no it didn't matter does it matter whether the
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you know green libertarian conservative whatever just to break the halls of the two party system and if he's a she that wouldn't be bad either right to say what i want to magically said he says no use to that does it concern you that there's things like best in our country in general for sure that kind of thing shouldn't shouldn't really happen. but i guess it does it happens a lot of places you would never find out about you know why don't we find out about this stuff why isn't there more transparency about what's really going on because like you say there's lots of money and whether or not you think romney's going to steal the election the bottom line is those evoluting machines in ohio are owned and operated by a company whose employees have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the romney campaign so they very. well could be determining who wins ohio state that often determines who wins the election. and we are keeping a close on the upcoming us elections i mean two top candidates are china will also
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help provide a third party an independent candidates with a stage to have their say in a live televised debate tonight on monday for our special coverage of the race for the white house. will there be a war on iraq. or is missile defense offensive. where you're trying to stop your selection of close to twenty seconds on our team. and coming up after the break artie's al gore and all of discusses the ongoing son's last theater festival with melissa smith head of acting at the american conservatory theater. which is slow often enough and knows that to ride a horse you've got to catch it first.
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for him it's a daily routine that your soft as a force on the island of a horn at the heart of. his life on an isolated farm is about blue sky green grass and his horses were there sometimes it gets lonely here but horses have become part of me now i've fallen off so many times sometimes. it's part of my every day life. i home suburban home to a rats like me just laugh for centuries most still live off the land of cattle and fish. if my goal is often called the pearl of siberia a horn is said to be the pearl of by. it's all end of fake forests.
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and vast staps. virtually undiscovered by tourists until some twenty years ago i was cornish quickly becoming a magnet for nature lovers and if you will seekers you're quite some way from civilization here accommodation on the island is very basic so you can forget about a t.v. or even run in water for most people a tent is the on the eruption but for those who come here it's exactly what they're looking for. a journey to buy coal can be unique a trip of a lifetime and the local. say why she seen it will be coming back again and again.
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the. middle east soon which brightened a few new bands song from finest impressions. these flu starts on t.v. dot com. the gold fever. turns thousands into slaves in much trouble but also among brotherly involved in the monsoon and since i started working on our stated. food multinationals. basic cash cow to be milked dry and if i think that in this country is gold medal logie as an environmental cost which is unacceptable to local business was labeled illegal and controlled by criminals in order to protect our lives our families and
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to work in peace. blog post but we are forced to pay protection to illegal groups watch for prices colombia going to pay. the modest effect on r.t. . for a more advanced terrorist attack. hostages bluntness into their lives after the tragedy. still gives try to cross out the past. because their future. surviving terrorism ten years on r.g.p. .
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hello again a welcome to spotlight and to the show on parts and i'm now going off and today my guest in the studio is mel smith. for a few days bosco has turned into one of the most talked about cities and the theater work students have to press in from the most announced they are supposed to gather here for the status that's key festival steve rush an actor and peer director of the early twentieth century content to spend is considered to be the father of the modern action scoop what's so special about training method he created the famous status last piece just to discuss it with milissa smith conservative director had to have a pact to add the american concert sleep theater.


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